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Thursday, February 11, 2010
woohoo at 10:42 PM

Mummy told me there is a surprise for me once I reached home today

& I saw this!! (someone gave us.)

Look at the Ferrero Rocher! My favourite. *yummy*

am going back to Penang tomorrow :D

Happy CNY people ♥♥ =))


you know you love me

Monday, January 18, 2010
Dee's bday 09 at 12:11 AM

I know this is super duper late!! Dee's b'day was 2 months ago.. but like what she said, better than nothing right? (:

She had a small party last year because some of her friends couldn't make it.. Sandy and boyf is having final exam the next day as well (luckily my exam is a week after her b'day!)..but of course, we will still make it no matter what (:

the star of the night!

the girls (Dee, Sandy & Sha Ting) went up and did some make up, so camwhore with baby first ;pp

I love love love the sushi!! especially futomaki! *slurppsss*
Don't you feel hungry now?

he needs no introduction right? you should know who he is by now

the cute little one

Dee's b'day cake!
This cake is the best cake ever I tell you! Damn nice can!! the shop located at SS15.
exaggerating? NO

I think Sha Ting was the one who helped Dee the most, like cut the cake and all.. Most of us were busy snapping pictures :( * pai seh *

b'day girl and I

a group picture with her classmates ^^

err I don't know what to say about this picture ><

Sandy & Sha Ting

why Leon is moving!! haha

LOL I have no idea who took this...

Bi syen came very late that night..
get bored of his face?

look at his face expression! haha.

hope you had a great night lou yau!
You will definitely have a better celebration this year okay?


you know you love me

Thursday, December 31, 2009
my Special Christmas at 12:33 AM

If you're wondering why I called it my special Christmas, this post will explain it all. In the past few years, usually I'll went to countdown at Pyramid, The curve etc with a bunch of friends during Christmas eve..but this year, Dee had performance at Genting, Sandy they all said wanna hang out with classmates (but ended up stayed at home!!!) Nevermind, at least we went KL on Friday right ;)

And since baby's parents and his siblings went to Singapore, so at first we decided to have candle light dinner at his house, but we were too lazy to find for those candle and all, so no candle.

Well, just a normal dinner, but the special part is he cooked for me (: I did wash the plates OK! I always wanted to do so but don't have the chance..and now my dream came true. haha!

We went to Giant to buy the ingredient after lunch.

We bought fish fillet, pork, sausages, nuggets, mushroom soup......blablabla~

frying sausages ;p

baby's pork chop.

I know it doesn't look delicious, but trust me, it tastes much better than it looks. & he is so proud of himself lol!

my food.

Awww, I miss the soup now :( *hungry*

your smile.
you lots!

thanks for the dinner <3

okay it's time to sleep~ I shall roll to my bed now.



you know you love me

Monday, December 21, 2009
happy day at 12:59 AM


Firstly, it's because I passed all the subjects in my final exam so I feel so-damn-relax now woo! Thank you Lord! & thanks to MissVivi too! Still have 2 subjects left to complete now.

2nd, it's because of this





new love

Thank you mum & dad for this Charles & Keith bag!

I ❤ you soooo muchh!

p/s: Sorry, I'm way too happy now (:

Time to watch Born Rich again. Toodles! ;)

you know you love me

Monday, December 7, 2009
Painful goodbye at 1:55 AM

I'm so sorry I doubt it when you texted me that time..

I was almost heart-broken when I heard you cried and told me how badly you want him back. I wish I could cry together with you.

We're still happily hanging out last night and I STILL can't believe something like this will happened on you. I know it's gonna be real hard for you. Because something precious is gone and your pain will forever stay. T.T

No matter what, I wil be here for you, anytime. Just a call will do.

Take care my dear.

you know you love me

Sunday, December 6, 2009
I'm back at 12:48 AM

Hello earthlings! I'M BACK IN ACTION! (like finally)

;) Miss me? no?

The reason I went M.I.A is simply because I'm too lazy to write an actual post, and nothing special happen in my life as well. One word to describe - l i f e l e s s

I'm so bored now so I decided to blog something.

Well, went out with Samantha Cullen just now. Yea, she is too crazy for Edward Cullen! And noooooo, I haven't watch New Moon yet :(

Just a short post btw. (:

Sam Cullen edited it, lol

take 1

take 2

sama muka! I know I know~

I wonder if you realise anything?

After that, the first thing we did when we reached Pyramid is eat 'guai ling gou'. Its a must okay!

camera shy sial~


that's all for now. Gotta run!

am going to Pc Fair tmr, anyone?

p/s: will update soon!

you know you love me

Saturday, November 14, 2009
never stop loving u at 2:34 AM

It's almost 3am and I'm still wide awake! can't sleep! thanks to final exam :'(

I miss baby so much now :(

A small note to my dear :

You let me know you will always be there for me and never hurt me. You're part of my life, my soul, my everything. Where would I be without you?

I wouldn't do a thing to hurt you, cos I you, with all my heart.

emo? NO.

-signing off

you know you love me


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